DARE Launch Author

Launching 2018

I know I’ve been MIA as of late but I have some BIG news! I’ve been selected as one of the launch authors for Harlequin’s hottest new line, DARE, under my Alexx Andria pen name! This is super exciting for me as I finally get to introduce my Kimberly fans to my Alexx fans and it’s going to be a whole lot of fun!

I just turned in the first book in the series, UNTITLED (as of yet), but stay tuned for updates!!



Available Feb. 2017

“THE KILLER YOU KNOW is enthralling all the through. Any time something new is divulged in the story which connects to a murder, I was often stunned because I had not anticipated this particular fact as being true. Kimberly Van Meter scatters cleverly concealed clues throughout the story, and a few of them had me guessing the correct the answer while others only served to keep me baffled until the very end.” — **** Reader Review

This book was so much fun to write. I love cold cases. I’m fascinated by the process of solving a case that’s been gathering dust, either because the people lost the fire to pursue the case or because the evidence simply wasn’t there to chase.

This story follows Silas Kelly, the second youngest Kelly brother, back to his hometown to solve a murder that’s eerily close to the unsolved murder of his brother, Spencer.

I love this book and I hope you do, too!

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The Flyboy’s Temptation

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Risky business… 

A redhead with long legs, creamy kissable skin and a big fat wad of cash? That’s the kind of trouble former Air Force pilot J. T. Carmichael can’t resist. With his charter flight business on the verge of bankruptcy, J.T. can’t afford to say no to the money or the uniquely sexy woman who needs to get to South America immediately. Until the bullets start flying…

When his plane goes down somewhere in the Mexican jungle, J.T. realizes two things: (1) he might not make it out alive, and (2) he wants Hope Larsen something fierce. Stranded and fighting for their lives, neither Hope nor J.T. can avoid the inevitable rush of pure, heated lust. Now this flyboy isn’t just flying in the face of danger…he’s sleeping with her.

J.T. awoke to the mother of all headaches — worse than any hangover he’d ever experienced. If he’d had a hammer handy he would’ve buried it in his skull to stop the pain until he remembered that he was lucky to be alive.

He struggled to open his eyes but when his vision finally cleared he saw the leggy doctor curled up next to him in a leafy bed that he knew for a fact he hadn’t put together.

He gingerly touched where his head throbbed and found a respectable goose egg where he must’ve smacked his nob on the control panel when they were going down. Best guess, mild concussion, which would explain why he’d passed out.

Hope stirred and she awoke, rubbing at her eyes as she sat up with a tired yawn, relieved to see him still alive.

“Thank God,” she breathed, her hands fluttering to her chest where her formerly fancy cream blouse was now tattered and torn. “I was so worried you were going to die in the middle of the night.”

“Ye of little faith,” he grumbled, scooting to a sitting position, wincing as his head protested the small movement. “Takes more than a bump on the head to put me down. Trust me, others have tried.”

“Well, tough guy, you’ve no doubt suffered a concussion and if your brain had continued to swell, I would’ve been helpless to do anything about it.”

“Lucky for me, I woke up just fine,” he replied dryly, surveying their situation. Great, they were somewhere in the Mexican jungle. Deep. Which put them squarely between up a creek and wedged against a hard place. He rose to his feet, groaning without shame at the way his body screamed with pain. “Been a long time since I had to bring a plane down like that. It’s as shitty as I remember.”

“You’ve done this before?” Hope asked, rising to her feet as well, swiping at her behind as if that small motion was going to make a difference in the grime they were covered in. “You might’ve mentioned that before I chartered your service.”

“Settle down, Doc. It was a long time ago, another life,” he said, scanning the jungle, looking for something that might tell him where they’d gone down. Thunderclouds rolled ominously on the horizon, temporarily blotting out the early sun. “My guess is that the plane didn’t blow up?”

“No, I was afraid that it might though so I pulled you away from it.”

Awww, she cares. “Thanks. I owe you one.”

“Well, don’t get the wrong idea. You’re still on the clock, Mr. Carmichael. I need you to get me to South America.”

“Lady, my plane is in pieces. How am I supposed to do that exactly? Put you on my back and flap my wings? We’re going to have a bitch of a time getting out of this jungle alive, much less find another plane to fly your happy ass to Timbuktu.” He paused, adding, “And I told you, my father was Mr. Carmichael. It’s J.T. or else I’m not answering.”

“Fine. J.T. Here’s the situation as I see it…we need each other to get out of this jam so I suggest we work together instead of against one another so we can survive.” She squared her shoulders and adjusted the fluttering sleeves of her mangled blouse and asked, “Do you have any idea where we might’ve landed?”

“Best guess? Somewhere in the Lacandon jungle, likely the southern part of the Yucatán Peninsula.” He bracketed his hips, squinting against the morning sun playing peek-a-boo with the clouds. “And if that’s the case, we’re well and truly screwed.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, because we have two possible situations and neither are good.”

“Which are?” She gestured impatiently.

“First, we have the potential of running into Mexican guerrillas who are using the jungle reserve to grow their illegal crops and guard their crops with semi-automatic weapons and a shoot first, leave the body for the bugs mentality or second, we have the potential of running into the last Lacandon Maya, who are mostly untouched by civilization and don’t take kindly to strangers. I think they might even be cannibals but don’t quote me on it.”

“That doesn’t sound promising,” she murmured in distress.

And since he didn’t believe in sugarcoating things, he added, “Yeah, and that’s not counting the bugs, snakes and apex predators that call this patch of Earth home.”

Hope paled and a bridge of soft brown freckles appeared on her nose. “I don’t like snakes.”

“Yeah, I don’t either but we did land in Satan’s armpit, otherwise known as the Mexican rainforest.”

“So what do we do?”

“Try not to die?”



Hottest Ticket In Town

In bookstores, May 2015

In bookstores, May 2015

My first Blaze is set to hit bookstores in May but you can pre-order right now! This story is fun and cheeky and I had a blast writing it. Here’s the back cover blurb:

He had a ticket…to her bed!

Country music star Laci McCall is on the run. Away from her punishing tour schedule and her pushy manager. Away from the exhaustion. All she wants is to escape to her home-away-from-home in Woodsville, Kentucky. But there’s a small problem—her bed at the Bradford Ranch is occupied by a damnably hot country boy…her first love.

Kane Dalton is overwhelmed by the fierce lust he’d long thought gone, and feelings he’s tried to forget. He walked away from Laci once—a second time would damn near kill him. Now they have only a small, stolen moment together. Enough to surrender to that lightning-hot electricity once more. Enough to shake them to their cores…before reality crashes in and reminds them that their two worlds were never meant to collide.

Sound awesome? Here’s a link for you to pre-order!


My favorite season

10497264_10152231206368947_4451649186589955380_oFall is my favorite season and when I have a new release, it just makes it even better! The third book in my romantic suspense trilogy, THE AGENT’S SURRENDER, is available this month (October) so if you want to find a print copy, you have to go this month to your favorite retail outlet to find it. Here’s what RT had to say!

THE AGENT’S SURRENDER (4) by Kimberly Van Meter: Agent Holden Archangelo is desperate to prove his late twin brother Miko’s innocence. Despite the resistance from Jane Fallon, the agent in charge of Miko’s case, Holden is not ready for the matter to be closed. He claims to have a lead, and Jane is assigned to assist him. However, they are only given a week to prove Miko’s innocence. This story starts off strong, grabbing the reader with solid plot and fast pacing. A high-stakes investigation creates great tension within the tale, and a snarky tone and sarcastic humor add a dash of fun.

Sound good? Well, it is! I love this story. Bigger stakes, intense, fast-paced plot and sizzling romance…what more could you need to warm up those cool fall evenings?


Beach Time=Book Time!

KimberlyVanMeter_ACauseForJustice_800pxSummer is on its way and I have two new books on the horizon for your beach bag! First off, I have a project near and dear to my heart, A CAUSE FOR JUSTICE. I wrote this book before I was published and I was thrilled to finally see it land in readers’ hands after all this time. Of course, it has been edited, revamped and polished but the core story remains the same and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Justice Montgomery believes in fighting for what she believes in — even if no one else supports her cause. So what if she’s been accused of being more of an eco-terrorist than an eco-warrior — if her father could handle the heat, so could she. Besides, it’s up to her to pick up where her father left off and it’s a responsibility she shoulders with honor, haters be damned.
So when she faces off against land developer Mason Broderick, determined to stop a building project that will harm an indigenous owl, she doesn’t care that she’s standing relatively alone. But Justice isn’t prepared for the wildly inappropriate attraction to the brusque developer and finds herself walking a slippery slope between fighting for what’s right and fighting her heart.
Mason Broderick doesn’t let anything get in his way of success. He’s brought his grandfather’s company back from the brink of bankruptcy through sheer ruthless determination and nothing — not even a stubborn, slip of a pretty woman — is going to stop him. Yeah, so he’s attracted to her in the most inappropriate way and when she’s not driving him crazy, she’s driving him ccraazy but nothing is going to stop this project., not even his own growing feelings for the pint-sized eco-menace. Except, when Mason drags a terrible secret out of Justice’s closet, he inadvertently sets in motion a wheel that might just crush the very thing that he never knew he wanted.
When the two most stubborn, hard-headed people fall in love with one another…there’s bound to be trouble but if they can see past their differences to the one thing they can’t deny…it might just be the best thing they have ever known.
The following full-length novel of approximately 80,000 is an original work of fiction.


February is full of win and awesome!

As January is dwindling down, half the country is buried in snow and the other is breaking out the flip-flops and sunscreen. But the best thing about books is they are ALL-WEATHER FRIENDLY! And I have TWO, yes, TWO new books coming out in February. The first is MOVING TARGET, the exciting sequel to THE SNIPER, which Romantic Times magazine gave a lofty 4 and a half starred review, saying, the story contained “Strong storytelling laced with humor and intrigue will hook the reader until the very last page.” This is a page-turner with plenty of heat and quick-witted banter between the main characters so if you haven’t checked them out, click on the titles and see if they pique your interest.

The second book is a straight contemporary romance with an environmental angle, some humor, and at its core, a sweet love story, entitled, A CAUSE FOR JUSTICE. This story is near and dear to my heart because it’s one of the first books I’d ever written before I became published. It was a fun journey to go through the manuscript and polish the story until it truly shined. It’s funny, because as I was going through the original (and combing through the many incarnations) I could tell right away why it hadn’t sold. When I first started writing I didn’t have the experience to know what would work and what wouldn’t and I spent many chapters meandering through ridiculous plot points that ultimately detracted from what was a really good story. So, I spent weeks repairing, rewriting, and shaping the story into what I’d original envisioned and honestly, I’m so excited about how it turned out. I hope you will be, too. The cover reveal will be soon! Stay tuned!





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Can you get much better than that? I’m not sure but I am pretty tickled. Romantic Times magazine gave my November Harlequin Superromance a stellar 4.5 stars, which is amazing given how deep the talent pool is with my Super peers.

Here’s the full review:

THAT RECKLESS NIGHT (4.5) by Kimberly Van Meter: After an incredible one-night stand with a man who turns out to be her new boss, Alaska wildlife worker Miranda Sinclair isn’t sure she can work with Jeremiah Burke. But Jeremiah understands Miranda’s feelings of guilt over her sister’s death better than anyone. He moved to Alaska to escape the painful memories of his young son’s death in an ATV accident. The two bond over their determination to escape their pasts and work together to catch poachers who’ve been illegally killing bears. Van Meter’s dialogue is excellent, especially when Miranda picks up Jeremiah in the bar, and she nicely depicts Miranda’s guilt. Her secondary characters are also well-drawn, as are her descriptions of the Alaskan wilderness. That Reckless Night is a must-read.


What do you think? Like I said, I’m tickled. I’m very proud of this series. Much like the Family in Paradise series set in St. John, there’s a true depth to the story arc that feels so much more mature and layered that I think readers will really enjoy.

THAT RECKLESS NIGHT should hit stores the first week of November.

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The Sniper, releasing September!

Yesterday, I unwrapped my Romantic Times magazine and eagerly flipped to the series section to discover that my September Harlequin Romantic Suspense, THE SNIPER, received four healthy stars!

THE SNIPER (4) by Kimberly Van Meter: When Jaci Williams’ life is threatened, her ex-boyfriend, Nathan Isaacs, steps out of the shadows to save her. Nathan then kidnaps her because he needs to protect her. A sniper with an underground government agency, Nathan’s past has caught up with him and Jaci’s now a target. Jaci is still angry with Nathan since he callously broke up with her months earlier. Nathan felt it the best thing to do in order to keep her safe. Now he struggles with keeping his feelings for Jaci at bay as he shields her from danger. Van Meter does an expert job maintaining the suspense and mystery throughout. A tough, brave hero, a spunky heroine and the red-hot passion and thick tension between them combine to make an entertaining read.

I’m most pleased with this review because I’ve been hit and miss with the RT reviewer in the past. This book was a lot of fun to write, with many little twists and turns, and I hope my readers enjoy this story as much I did. There’s also a sequel in the works, entitled, MOVING TARGET, which follows Nathan’s younger brother Jake, so make sure to keep an eye out for that one, too in March 2014.