Beach Time=Book Time!

KimberlyVanMeter_ACauseForJustice_800pxSummer is on its way and I have two new books on the horizon for your beach bag! First off, I have a project near and dear to my heart, A CAUSE FOR JUSTICE. I wrote this book before I was published and I was thrilled to finally see it land in readers’ hands after all this time. Of course, it has been edited, revamped and polished but the core story remains the same and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Justice Montgomery believes in fighting for what she believes in — even if no one else supports her cause. So what if she’s been accused of being more of an eco-terrorist than an eco-warrior — if her father could handle the heat, so could she. Besides, it’s up to her to pick up where her father left off and it’s a responsibility she shoulders with honor, haters be damned.
So when she faces off against land developer Mason Broderick, determined to stop a building project that will harm an indigenous owl, she doesn’t care that she’s standing relatively alone. But Justice isn’t prepared for the wildly inappropriate attraction to the brusque developer and finds herself walking a slippery slope between fighting for what’s right and fighting her heart.
Mason Broderick doesn’t let anything get in his way of success. He’s brought his grandfather’s company back from the brink of bankruptcy through sheer ruthless determination and nothing — not even a stubborn, slip of a pretty woman — is going to stop him. Yeah, so he’s attracted to her in the most inappropriate way and when she’s not driving him crazy, she’s driving him ccraazy but nothing is going to stop this project., not even his own growing feelings for the pint-sized eco-menace. Except, when Mason drags a terrible secret out of Justice’s closet, he inadvertently sets in motion a wheel that might just crush the very thing that he never knew he wanted.
When the two most stubborn, hard-headed people fall in love with one another…there’s bound to be trouble but if they can see past their differences to the one thing they can’t deny…it might just be the best thing they have ever known.
The following full-length novel of approximately 80,000 is an original work of fiction.


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