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Launching 2018

I know I’ve been MIA as of late but I have some BIG news! I’ve been selected as one of the launch authors for Harlequin’s hottest new line, DARE, under my Alexx Andria pen name! This is super exciting for me as I finally get to introduce my Kimberly fans to my Alexx fans and it’s going to be a whole lot of fun!

I just turned in the first book in the series, UNTITLED (as of yet), but stay tuned for updates!!


Hottest Ticket In Town

In bookstores, May 2015

In bookstores, May 2015

My first Blaze is set to hit bookstores in May but you can pre-order right now! This story is fun and cheeky and I had a blast writing it. Here’s the back cover blurb:

He had a ticket…to her bed!

Country music star Laci McCall is on the run. Away from her punishing tour schedule and her pushy manager. Away from the exhaustion. All she wants is to escape to her home-away-from-home in Woodsville, Kentucky. But there’s a small problem—her bed at the Bradford Ranch is occupied by a damnably hot country boy…her first love.

Kane Dalton is overwhelmed by the fierce lust he’d long thought gone, and feelings he’s tried to forget. He walked away from Laci once—a second time would damn near kill him. Now they have only a small, stolen moment together. Enough to surrender to that lightning-hot electricity once more. Enough to shake them to their cores…before reality crashes in and reminds them that their two worlds were never meant to collide.

Sound awesome? Here’s a link for you to pre-order!


My favorite season

10497264_10152231206368947_4451649186589955380_oFall is my favorite season and when I have a new release, it just makes it even better! The third book in my romantic suspense trilogy, THE AGENT’S SURRENDER, is available this month (October) so if you want to find a print copy, you have to go this month to your favorite retail outlet to find it. Here’s what RT had to say!

THE AGENT’S SURRENDER (4) by Kimberly Van Meter: Agent Holden Archangelo is desperate to prove his late twin brother Miko’s innocence. Despite the resistance from Jane Fallon, the agent in charge of Miko’s case, Holden is not ready for the matter to be closed. He claims to have a lead, and Jane is assigned to assist him. However, they are only given a week to prove Miko’s innocence. This story starts off strong, grabbing the reader with solid plot and fast pacing. A high-stakes investigation creates great tension within the tale, and a snarky tone and sarcastic humor add a dash of fun.

Sound good? Well, it is! I love this story. Bigger stakes, intense, fast-paced plot and sizzling romance…what more could you need to warm up those cool fall evenings?


Beach Time=Book Time!

KimberlyVanMeter_ACauseForJustice_800pxSummer is on its way and I have two new books on the horizon for your beach bag! First off, I have a project near and dear to my heart, A CAUSE FOR JUSTICE. I wrote this book before I was published and I was thrilled to finally see it land in readers’ hands after all this time. Of course, it has been edited, revamped and polished but the core story remains the same and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Justice Montgomery believes in fighting for what she believes in — even if no one else supports her cause. So what if she’s been accused of being more of an eco-terrorist than an eco-warrior — if her father could handle the heat, so could she. Besides, it’s up to her to pick up where her father left off and it’s a responsibility she shoulders with honor, haters be damned.
So when she faces off against land developer Mason Broderick, determined to stop a building project that will harm an indigenous owl, she doesn’t care that she’s standing relatively alone. But Justice isn’t prepared for the wildly inappropriate attraction to the brusque developer and finds herself walking a slippery slope between fighting for what’s right and fighting her heart.
Mason Broderick doesn’t let anything get in his way of success. He’s brought his grandfather’s company back from the brink of bankruptcy through sheer ruthless determination and nothing — not even a stubborn, slip of a pretty woman — is going to stop him. Yeah, so he’s attracted to her in the most inappropriate way and when she’s not driving him crazy, she’s driving him ccraazy but nothing is going to stop this project., not even his own growing feelings for the pint-sized eco-menace. Except, when Mason drags a terrible secret out of Justice’s closet, he inadvertently sets in motion a wheel that might just crush the very thing that he never knew he wanted.
When the two most stubborn, hard-headed people fall in love with one another…there’s bound to be trouble but if they can see past their differences to the one thing they can’t deny…it might just be the best thing they have ever known.
The following full-length novel of approximately 80,000 is an original work of fiction.


February is full of win and awesome!

As January is dwindling down, half the country is buried in snow and the other is breaking out the flip-flops and sunscreen. But the best thing about books is they are ALL-WEATHER FRIENDLY! And I have TWO, yes, TWO new books coming out in February. The first is MOVING TARGET, the exciting sequel to THE SNIPER, which Romantic Times magazine gave a lofty 4 and a half starred review, saying, the story contained “Strong storytelling laced with humor and intrigue will hook the reader until the very last page.” This is a page-turner with plenty of heat and quick-witted banter between the main characters so if you haven’t checked them out, click on the titles and see if they pique your interest.

The second book is a straight contemporary romance with an environmental angle, some humor, and at its core, a sweet love story, entitled, A CAUSE FOR JUSTICE. This story is near and dear to my heart because it’s one of the first books I’d ever written before I became published. It was a fun journey to go through the manuscript and polish the story until it truly shined. It’s funny, because as I was going through the original (and combing through the many incarnations) I could tell right away why it hadn’t sold. When I first started writing I didn’t have the experience to know what would work and what wouldn’t and I spent many chapters meandering through ridiculous plot points that ultimately detracted from what was a really good story. So, I spent weeks repairing, rewriting, and shaping the story into what I’d original envisioned and honestly, I’m so excited about how it turned out. I hope you will be, too. The cover reveal will be soon! Stay tuned!





Click here to pre-order

Can you get much better than that? I’m not sure but I am pretty tickled. Romantic Times magazine gave my November Harlequin Superromance a stellar 4.5 stars, which is amazing given how deep the talent pool is with my Super peers.

Here’s the full review:

THAT RECKLESS NIGHT (4.5) by Kimberly Van Meter: After an incredible one-night stand with a man who turns out to be her new boss, Alaska wildlife worker Miranda Sinclair isn’t sure she can work with Jeremiah Burke. But Jeremiah understands Miranda’s feelings of guilt over her sister’s death better than anyone. He moved to Alaska to escape the painful memories of his young son’s death in an ATV accident. The two bond over their determination to escape their pasts and work together to catch poachers who’ve been illegally killing bears. Van Meter’s dialogue is excellent, especially when Miranda picks up Jeremiah in the bar, and she nicely depicts Miranda’s guilt. Her secondary characters are also well-drawn, as are her descriptions of the Alaskan wilderness. That Reckless Night is a must-read.


What do you think? Like I said, I’m tickled. I’m very proud of this series. Much like the Family in Paradise series set in St. John, there’s a true depth to the story arc that feels so much more mature and layered that I think readers will really enjoy.

THAT RECKLESS NIGHT should hit stores the first week of November.

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Exciting stuff on the horizon

Aside from six books I’m writing this year, I’ve decided to release a story I wrote many years ago titled, A CAUSE FOR JUSTICE, soon! I’m currently cleaning the story up and enjoying every minute! It’s been fun seeing how my writing has changed and grown in 20 years. What I’ve found really interesting is that even though I committed some technical errors, the writing is still pretty good! And funny! Somewhere along the way, I think I lost that humorous bent I used to have and I’m happy to rediscover it for my fans. I will keep you updated on the progress.

If you’ve found your way here from my old site, you’ll notice there’s a few changes! Kim Killion did a fabulous job of capturing the new look and I’m very excited about the new projects scheduled for this year.

First up, I have 6 new books to write this year. The first three, a new trilogy for Harlequin Superromance, is set in Alaska featuring a really fractured family struggling to deal with something tragic that happened many years prior and set the two brothers and their sister into a private tail spin in which they never truly recovered. I’m having fun exploring that world and although I was hoping to visit Alaska for research, alas, it’s not going to work out. So Internet and interviews with Alaskan natives will have to suffice.

The second trilogy is with Harlequin Romantic Suspense and the first book is titled, THE SNIPER. I’m hoping a really hot guy makes his way to my cover! *crossing fingers*

And, of course, if you didn’t already know, the last in my island trilogy, SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN, is in no longer in stores but it’s always available online so if you’re a techno-savvy reader, you can load it onto your Kindle or Nook.

With the new site, I should be able to do the fun stuff I’ve been working on such as video and podcasts! I actually recorded a few test runs and they turned out great but my former site wouldn’t allow me to upload the tracks. So, onward and upward!

Okay! I think that’s it for now. Hope you like the site and plan to bookmark it for further updates.